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Jay Egge Automatic Service, Inc., Transmissions  Automobile, Sioux Falls, SD

At Jay Egge Automatic we will always work hard to earn your trust and appreciation. We are very thankful for the many kind words we have recieived over the years. We'd like to share a few of those comments with you to help you better understand that we are "Driven to be the best".  

A Tale of Two Transmissions

Yes, not one but two vehicles with transmission problems within three weeks. This is a true story, a true nightmare, with a great ending.

The story starts out simply enough with my son going back to college (SDSU) in his classic 1995 Dodge Stratus. The old girl decided to lay down on Interstate 29 with major transmission problems. In layman’s terms it was shelled out.

To complicate this predicament, a major winter storm was rapidly approaching and I certainly didn’t want a snow plow launching the Stratus into some deep dark South Dakota hole.
Fortunately, I was able to get a towing service to venture out on bad roads and retrieve my son’s car. In fact, a friendly guy named Doug recommended Todd Egge to fix my son’s transmission.

Now being somewhat of a skeptic, I was hoping Todd was not Doug’s favorite nephew who had just gotten a set of new tools and needed a client.

I placed a call to Jay Egge Automatic Service Inc. and spoke with the owner, Todd Egge. He was very professional and exhibited a great deal of knowledge about transmissions. I decided during our conversation to bite the financial bullet and said “fix it,” for $1700. One must realize that I was an hour and a half away from Sioux Falls and had never met Todd Egge, but I was hoping and praying that I had made the right decision.
In fact, I was looking forward to meeting Todd face-to-face when the Stratus was fixed and ready to pick up. However, good old South Dakota and Iowa weather prevented me from going to Sioux Falls the day it was ready. My son managed to get a ride to Sioux Falls to pick up his car and safely get home for Christmas. Christmas was great, but the Stratus still had some transmission problems that needed addressed.

Now pay attention, this is the nuts and bolts part of the tale. Good old dad gets to make the call to Todd telling him that we have a problem. We’ve all been in this situation where the shop guy says, “Bring it back and we’ll fix it.” Of course it’s usually $500 later added to the bill and it does get fixed.

Wrong. Todd simply said, “We’ll make it right, and thank you for calling.”

Wow! What a guy. “Did I hear him correctly? Am I dreaming?”
The facts are very simple Todd simply fixed my son’s car with no additional cost and even provided me a van to drive home! This type of treatment certainly showed me that Todd Egge is a man of integrity, a man who takes pride in his work, and certainly a man you can trust.

The story doesn’t end here, because now the tale of the second transmission begins. Yes, the second in three weeks. Can you believe the irony in this situation? My 2001 Windstar Van decided it also needed Todd’s personal attention and mechanical expertise. It was very reassuring to know that Todd Egge at Jay Egge Automatic Service would fix the van at a fair price and totally stand behind his work.

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank Todd Egge for taking care of our transmission needs and would highly recommend him to anyone who has transmission problems.

Lee Waldo

Max Mauer
Dakota Auto Parts  
"Jay Egge Automatic Service is considered one of the premiere transmission and driveline repair facilities in the Tri-State area and they live up to their reputation every day with excellent customer service and some of the best technicians utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. Todd, Joanne and their staff have invested a lifetime of experience into their business. In a world of corporate franchises, they truly are a family business that cares about you as much as they do your automobile"


Shannon Nordstrom 
Nordstrom's Automotive, Inc.  
"Jay Egge Automatic Service has been a very important option for Nordstrom's since 1988 because when they analyze a product - whether it is for warranty or for something that didn't test well at our shop - they'll give us a very straight opinion about what is needed for the repair.  And it doesn't mean just because they open up and look inside that it needs to be completely rebuilt. Sometimes they find small problems that can be fixed for a lot less expense and still have the unit be completely functional and operational as a good used unit for us. That's why we drive a lot of business to Jay Egge Automatic Service. There are a number of transmission businesses in our area. Jay Egge Automatic Service has proven to Nordstrom's that they want to work with us whether it is a partial repair, a welding job to fix a broken case, or a complete rebuilt unit that we may need for our installation and diagnostic center.

The Jay Egge namesake is one of great integrity and great respect in the Sioux Empire, and Todd and his crew have done nothing but build upon that good name.  Jay Egge Automatic Service also keeps up on the oldest of units to the most modern, and does the necessary research to be a resource to us no matter what type of transmission is being worked on. They also work on differentials and transfer cases and other drive-train components to help us out. They've always treated us with respect and fairness that has gone a long way in building our relationship.

At the end of the day, with Jay Egge Automatic Service, the integrity, the solution-oriented repairs, and the satisfaction guarantee with the backing of the Egge family name, it's hard to beat. That sums it up for me. Great people, great repairs and great satisfaction."


Jon Dewitz
Sioux Falls, SD
“I have sent all of my friends to Jay Egge Automatic Transmission since my first experience with them. They have always treated everyone fairly and stand behind their product. I sent a female friend who while driving called me and said something was wrong with her car and it wasn’t shifting right. She pulled in, Todd checked out her car, put a few quarts of fluid in and sent her on her way without a bill. He did recommend a transmission service when she returned from her trip. Another friend who is a fairly good mechanic was having trouble with his newer Malibu shifting. Todd went out on a test drive and diagnosed an engine miss from ear whenever it shifted rather than a transmission problem. Sent him on his way without a bill. They’ve overhauled several transmissions for other friends, two for me, and fixed some shift problems in my RV. No one I’ve ever sent there has ever gone anywhere else since. What sold me on Todd and the staff at Jay Egge’s was my first experience with them. Todd always says we’ll make it right if there are any problems, and he does. Without hassle, without fuss, and without another bill.

I have a 75 trans am that I’ve owned for twenty plus years and was my first car. I am restoring it and bought a VERY expensive overdrive transmission from the largest national company that builds a drop in overdrive transmission for my car (a 200-4r). They sold it to me as an overbuilt racing transmission that would last the rest of my life (they’re burying me in the car) and could take any abuse I could throw at it. I put a lot of miles going down the interstate that first year and had not yet spent any time on the track with it. A little over a year later, and less than 3000 miles, the transmission grenaded and left me on the side of the road. I called the big bucks national company. Oooh, they said. There is no mileage warranty on racing transmissions and it’s been a year since it went to you. You can remove it, pay to ship it here, pay the shipping back, and we’ll look at it. If there is anything covered by warranty we’ll fix it, but you’ll be responsible for the rest. So I ask them, let me get this straight, I pay a thousand bucks shipping back and forth, remove it and install it myself, send you a blank check, and you’ll give me back a fixed transmission that was never supposed to fail? Yeah right… I called around town, but no one wanted to touch it. I talked to Todd, he said hmm. We’ve never built that type of transmission up to that level, but we can do it. $1600. I was skeptical. I talked about what I expected the transmission to do and how it would perform. Todd said we can do that. I figured that was a little over my shipping costs to the national place and had little to lose. A couple of weeks later I picked up the car. It didn’t work like I expected. Todd said it probably needs this racing part, this part, and this one to do those things. I said ok, how much. Todd said we’ll make it right, don’t worry about it. I think they pulled that transmission out another ten times adding parts, rerunning it on their dyno, and retuning as each time you change a part on an overbuilt transmission, the shift points and tuning changes. Less than two months later I had a transmission that shifted better and performed better than the one from the national company. I was the essence of a picky customer and was still always treated like family. Five years later, 15000 miles, and enough full throttle runs that I should buy stock in BP, it still runs exactly as it did when I left the shop. I will never go anywhere else.”


Gene Heeren
Southeast Technical Institute  
"I've worked with Todd Egge on various projects between Southeast Tech and Jay Egge Automatic Service. What an inspiration he is to the auto repair industry. Todd is light hearted, dedicated, sincere, approachable, and most of all, as honest as anyone can be. He treats customers with the highest respect when they come to him with their auto concerns. Jay Egge Automatic Service represents absolutely the latest in automatic transmission repair while at the same time offering you good old fashioned service and honesty. It is an honor to endorse Jay Egge Automatic Service and I support them wholeheartedly."